Team up, manage projects, and grow businesses

Have fun and easily collaborate with students, teachers, makers, and leaders

Get to work or start exploring


Be a pioneer and build Peerion with a sense of ownership and community.


Be an explorer and discover Peerion with zero commitments.

Terra Greenhouse

Role Type Onboarding

Learn skills

Take training courses and work your way into VR Classrooms with highly trained experts that lead you into intern and mentorship programs.

Build ideas

Contribute to different projects and bring ideas to life. Find your purpose with intuitive tools, tutorials, and support from the community.

Launch projects

Become a Commander and lead the launch of projects. Utilize intuitive collaboration and networking tools and a global business resource marketplace.

Teach skills

Get paid to teach and onboard peers from around the world by guiding them through various learning paths and interactive VR classroom experiences.

Direct Peerion

Have a voice in the ecosystem

  • Vote on major changes
  • Decide on key features
  • Beta test new features
  • Start petitions and funds
  • Participate in arbitration
  • Hold weight in debates
  • Sit on competition panels

Directors must purchase and stake Tree Tokens to participate. Learn how to purchase and also stake your tokens for voting rights, special  privileges, and tiered bonuses by clicking the ‘Buy Tree Tokens’ button.

All Peerion Paths

Growing a business?

Peerion offers intuitive networking capabilities with a plethora of available resources needed for all growing businesses.

Looking for partners?

Find verified partners using PAL's matchmaking algorithm that is designed to connect and fill needed positions, making it easier than ever to build a team.

Team Onboarding?

Use Peerion's Greenhouse to develop tailored onboarding experiences, from courses to VR classes, for project teams, new employees and even end users.

Need interns?

Through Peerion's Greenhouse Learning Paths, young college students will be primed and ready for onboarding to receive real world experience and mentorships.

Playing with purpose - How to start growing your Tree

Seedling (Levels 1-3)

The first stage of growth on Peerion. Register and verify a skill to plant your Seedling and start growing. These levels will give you clear understanding of the fundamentals and features within the ecosystem. Nimbus bonuses will start to be collected and basic tool access will be granted.

Sapling (Levels 4-6)

The second stage of growth on Peerion. Become a leader within the ecosystem to launch projects and offer learning content and business services . These levels are designed for true growth, unlocking higher tier Nimbus bonuses, more intricate tool sets and robust business features.

Tree (Levels 7-9)

The third and final stage of growth on Peerion. This stage unlocks expert status and verification capabilities. A high rating score as a leader must be acquired as well as launched and successfully grew multiple projects. This stage unlocks top tier Nimbus bonuses and access to super high level features.

Step 1: Verify a skill

Once registered, head to the Greenhouse and pick a preferred skill path to be verified. After a path is chosen, a training course must be passed in order to gain access to the VR Classroom. Once access is granted, a meeting with an expert in the chosen skill will take place, which then starts the skill level verification course in virtual reality.

Step 2: Launch or join a project

After at least 1 skill is verified, access to PAL Tools will be unlocked. Ability to join existing projects or start new ones is now possible. Find, deploy or manage jobs and projects with a highly intuitive interface that is execution oriented.

Step 3: Build a reputation score

Complete projects, jobs and tasks to receive positive feedback from peers. Any and all interactions with others will have an impact on the total reputation score. The more positive interactions, the higher the reputation score. The higher the reputation score, the higher the level of access to powerful features and tools.

Features Roadmap

Service Marketplace

The Peerion Market is a robust decentralized business resource center that offers vital collaborative services.

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Skill Verification

Peerion's Greenhouse offers decentralized learning paths that lead into VR Classroom experiences where skills are verified by proven experts.

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Collaboration Tools

Peerion's Partner Ambition Loop (PAL) is a set of highly functional team building and project management tools geared for growth.

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Digital Wallet

Peerion's Nimbus is a cutting edge digital crypto-wallet that keeps all assets secure and easily manageable. It also acts as a platform wealth recycler which 'rains' collected fees back into users' wallets.

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Virtual Reality

Peerion's VR experience acts as an oasis within multiple meta-verses. Land on Peerion in VR for social meetups, Greenhouse classes, pitch presentations and more...

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Social Hotspots

Interact with others across the entire platform to grow your network. Make connections, join social groups, talk in real-time, start discussion and create a buzz about your brand.

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Token Economy

The first multi-token platform economy. Each token represents valuable data that can be traded and redeemed for other assets, tools and exclusive features.

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Reward System

A unique reward system is integrated within the platform design to incentivize a healthy competitive environment.

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Game Design

Peerion is built on thoroughly researched game mechanics that are designed to increase engagement and promote cooperation.

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Introspection Tools

Intuitive tools used for gauging individual and overall ecosystem performance to instill a sense of ownership and promote supportive community effort.

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Smart Ads & Surveys

Get paid to watch ads and take surveys. This is a consumer to business model that prevents spam, unwanted ads and exploitation of user data. Ad and survey costs are paid into a pool and users who participate are paid directly from the pool for their time.

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Nonprofits & Donations

Become a philanthropist and connect nonprofits to products and content to automatically pool and donate any amount of earned proceeds. New donation pools can even be started via a petition for a variety of causes that are approved by the community.

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