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A P2P collaboration platform, directory search, social network and marketplace that empowers local communities to grow, together.








Search. Connect. Collaborate. Promote. Grow.

Peerion is a social collaboration platform with an advanced local directory search that helps you better connect with people and resources in your area to take action, get things done, and promote what is important to you.

1. Search & connect

2. Collaborate & promote

Build teams, collaborate, and promote within your community to efficiently manage and grow ideas, projects, events and businesses.

Projects – Manage tasks, build teams, share information and communicate efficiently.

Business  Find or post jobs, services and products within your local area with a cashback rewards system.

Events  Manage events, tickets, payments and attendees with an integrated community calendar + check-in app.

Launchpad Start a fundraiser in your local community for various projects and campaigns.

3. Gamify your growth

A native wallet, cashback credit, and experience points are used to increase community engagement and promote cooperation among its members.

Cash back– Every user earns 2%+ cashback credit on all purchases.

Loyalty points (XP) – Every single interaction earns loyalty points.

Levels – Each new level reached unlocks special rewards.

Badges – Earn badges of honor for reaching certain milestones.

VR experiences for any kind of event

Dedicated VR experiences exclusive to Peerion members for hosting classes, meetings, demos, performances, conferences, games, and much more.

Are you ready to connect with your community?