Tools to empower your volunteer effort

Peerion is more than just a volunteer platform. It’s a suite of features that enable you to connect and collaborate with others, visually track your effort, and effect change on a larger scale, empowering you to become a leader of your cause.

Take action and track your growth in real-time


A social platform built for volunteers. Each member has their own custom profile with unique features, plus all of the familiar ones.

Profiles include locations, skills, and interests to make it easy to connect with the right organizers.

Start meaningful conversations with a direct messaging system and personalized social feed.

Give instant feedback by rating your experience with your organizers and let others know how great they are.


Discover and match up with organizers in your area or remotely.

Easily search and filter potential matches by locations, skills, interests, and current status.

With brief bios, you can quickly audit organizers to ensure they are the perfect match without having to leave the directory page.


Search various volunteer opportunities and contact organizers directly from the listing.

Whether the opportunity is remote or onsite, it is easy for you to find the perfect match.

Filter with job types and categories so you can match your skill sets and availability with the listed opportunities.

opportunity demo


Once you are accepted for a volunteer position, you will be directly added to the organizer’s existing projects.

Your tasks will be organized on separate lists and on kanban boards to optimize your workflow.

You will have the ability to manage and update your tasks, have discussions directly on the tasks, share and manage files, and utilize a built-in calendar.


Connect with other members to build your community and create and share content with ease.

Each member has their own personalized feed that keeps them in the loop on all important updates. 
It’s easy to start a discussion on a post and hear how people are responding in comments.

Join separate groups for each team or project, and start posting updates, files, and photos.

Direct message any member for quick conversations and sharing private details.



Ever wanted to be able to track your volunteer effort in real-time? Now you can.

You will receive experience points via redeemable codes which enables you to track your effort on and off of the platform.

Both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards will keep you highly motivated. Stay engaged and incentivized with a level progression system that gives a visual display of your overall effort. 

Peerion even helps you estimate job costs so you can calculate how much money you are saving organizations through your effort.

A digital wallet is also integrated into the platform which enables all members to directly donate to one another.

Virtual Reality

Now you can take virtual events and meetings to the next level with virtual reality.

Peerion has dedicated VR experiences for all members to use. Join events, conferences, demos, classes, workshops and more on a highly interactive VR platform that is sure to impress and engage.

All VR experiences are fully compatible with PC, mobile, VR goggles, and cardboards.

You can directly interact with the environment, play games, design your own custom avatar, and much, much more!


Peerion is a social collaboration platform built for volunteers

Connect with organizers and other people looking to volunteer in your area now