Professional Matchmaking

Peerion is supported by expert headhunters, researchers, psychologists, game theorists, marketers, and corporate leaders.


List your recruiter request for a specific candidate or more general candidate criteria. The request is then sent to the decentralized recruiter network to be filled.

Job Board

Use our public job board, list openings, search and connect with the right people based on skills and interests, give and receive feedback, and handle payments directly.


List services, manage clients, accept direct payments with secure smart contract service agreements, give and receive feedback, and build a universal experience profile.


As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Peerion enables all users to vote on major decisions within the ecosystem. Check out the Mito Grid for more information.


A social volunteer platform that links the cause and effect of community activism, while empowering individuals to work together for the greater good. Match up with organizers and volunteers in your area or remotely. Use advanced  filtering tools to streamline the search process, which allows you to focus on the cause. 


A universal social identity app powered by blockchain technology. The app is used to generate a unique blockchain identity (bID) and anonymously track user interactions for the purpose of distributing experience tokens, while keeping all user data completely private and secure.