Make sure to read the paper in order to fully understand how the pool works before joining, or come and chat with us on Discord!

STAKE Validator Pool

Estimated APY: ~140%

Minimum Validator Requirement
Goal #2 - 5,000 STAKE
Goal #3 - 10,000 STAKE

Project: xDai Chain


Initiative: Co-own xDai Chain Validator

Node Purpose: Validate transactions and secure the network

Validator Requirement: 2,000 STAKE

Minimum Stake: 20 STAKE

Pool Rewards: STAKE, xDai, ION

STAKE / xDai Rewards: 15% APY STAKE rewards | xDai tx fees | Bridge fees

ION Rewards: 100%+ APY farming rewards

Pool Reward Share: 90%

Pool Network: xDai Chain

Pool xDai Address: 0xcd8fad1a2fc74bce90e9f5fd87164c68ecca9c12