Make sure to read the docs in order to fully understand how the pool works before joining, or come and chat with us on Discord!

PNT Node Pool

Estimated APY: 155%

Pool Capacity

Project: pNetwork


Initiative: Co-own pNetwork Node

Node Purpose: Facilitate token wrapping (Pegging)

Pool Limit: 200,000 PNT

Minimum Stake: 100 PNT

Pool Rewards: PNT, ION

PNT Rewards: 42% APY staking rewards | 0.25% peg-out fees | 0.05% cross-chain NFT fees

ION Rewards: Dynamic farming rewards

Pool Reward Share: 90%

Pool Network: xDai Chain

Pool xDai Address: 0xb84e9587b48faa76476d4c94b8f07c789af0c330