ION Tokens

Peerion DAO Governance Power

Peerion Pools

Anyone Can Join & Claim A Share

When you join a Peerion Pool, you become a fellow Peerionaut and Peerion DAO Shareholder. Wonder how? Scroll down.

ION Farming

Join Pools & Earn ION Rewards

Stake in any of the available Peerion Pools and earn ION Farming rewards on top of native Pool rewards.

DAO Power

Stake Farmed ION Into The DAO

Take those farmed ION Tokens and stake them back into the Peerion DAO for governance power and additional rewards.

Max Growth

Diverse Compound Earnings

When you stake your ION back into the Peerion DAO, you claim a portion of all of the different assets collected by Peerion protocol fees, while also earning compound interest on your ION.

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