Product Features

The all-in-one collaboration platform, communications tool, dynamic marketplace and social intranet – all within a gamified experience to move your business forward.

Seamless communication tools

Inspire, innovate and create – together. With integrated communication tools, your team, community and clients can collaborate any time and in any place.

Social intranet

Post messages, share files, comment and like, tag users, and discuss.

Slack API

With Slack your team stays connected on and off of your platform

Community feed

Keep your users and clients updated with news and other content.

Github API

The project management tools are directly linked to your repositories.

Dynamic Marketplace

Empower your business with a intuitive tools for managing multiple listing types within a single dashboard integrated with any payment option your business needs, order tracking and sales statistics.

Multiple listing types

List and manage jobs, services and products in one place.

Payment options

With the click of a button integrate any payment gateway.

Native wallet

Create your own custom currency for in app purchases and employee incentives.

Tracking and statistics

Easily manage your orders and track sales with detailed reports.

Task integration

For every sale, a new task will be generated within your project management dashboard.

Game like experience

Gamify your business like never before. A fully integrated game design throughout your platform is guaranteed to increase engagement and promote cooperation within your organization, for your users and your clients.

Custom currency

Experience points

Milestone badges

Level progression

Leader boards keep track of user engagement and create healthy competition.

Offer incentives

Manage a prize and bonus marketplace where your organization and users can redeem their points.

Increased productivity

Through incentives and competition creative a highly productive working environment.

Meaningful and fun

Leaderboard offer credibility and higher levels of collaboration while also giving bragging rights.

Complete business solution

Custom web design & development

Let us build and design your website for you. Whether you are upgrading or starting from scratch, our web solutions are perfect for any size business.

Gamify your business

Bring a revitalized energy to your workflow. Through Peerion's game-like features you can create higher levels of engagement for your staff and/or customers.

Project management

No longer pay for 3rd party apps with user limitations. A feature rich, intuitive project management dashboard comes with every package.

Market ready

A marketplace comes fully integrated with your project manager. Easily list and manage all of your products and services with automated task creation each time you make a sale.

Social features

Includes a fully equipped social intranet for your organization and a variety of communication tools to share updates, files and various content.

Easy & fast deployment

We already have the products developed for your business. It is as easy as picking and choosing all of your favorite Peerion features.

Web hosting & management

We supply all web hosting accounts, free web management and server upkeep. It comes with free upgrades, maintenance, and customization requests.

24/7 support

Rest easy, all of our clients will receive 24/7 support. If any issues arise, we will be right there to help you.

Peerion Packages

Find the perfect solution to meet all of your organization’s needs.


  • Project Manager
  • Marketplace
  • Gamification Lvl 3
  • Community Pro
  • User Profiles Pro
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24/7 Support


Per Year

  • Web Hosting
  • Landing Page
  • Custom Theme
  • Project Manager
  • Marketplace
  • Gamification Lvl 1
  • Community
  • User Profiles
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24/7 Support


Per Year

  • Web Hosting Plus
  • Landing Page Plus
  • Theme Plus
  • Project Manager
  • Marketplace Plus
  • Gamification Lvl 2
  • Community Plus
  • User Profiles Plus
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24/7 Support


Per Year

  • Web Hosting Pro
  • Landing Page Pro
  • Theme Pro
  • Project Manager
  • Marketplace Pro
  • Gamification Lvl 3
  • Community Pro
  • User Profiles Pro
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24/7 Support

Request a custom solution

Don’t see the right package that suits your business? Contact us for a 100% custom request. The cost depends on the features and add-ons you choose. To provide you accurate pricing, we need to know more about you and your company.





/ year

/ year

/ year

Web Hosting
Custom Landing
Custom Theme
Ticket Based*
Ticket Based*
  • Gamification
Token Economy
Point System
Leveling System
Digital Wallet
Progress Bars
Advanced wallet
Advanced leveling
Gamified advisory
  • Project Manager
Unlimited users
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited projects
Private messenger
Kanban Boards
Progress bars
Mark tasks complete
Assign task lists to milestones
Upload files on messages
Edit and stylize messages
Set project start & end date
Upload all files in one place
Create folders for files
Link files to messages & tasks
Project User permissions
Team category permissions
Add clients to project
Automatic daily digest emails
Advanced filters for reports
Real-time updates
Custom Fields
Time Tracker
Gantt Chart
Marketplace Orders
Stripe Payments
Recurring Tasks
  • Marketplace
Intuitive dashboard
Product management
Product bundles
Order management
Project manager integration
Reporting & analytics
Email notifications
Shipping management
Product search & filter
AJAX search
Order tracking
Discounts & coupons
PayPal integration
Amazon pay integration
Square integration
ShipStation integration
Customer management
Multi-vendor capability
Dashboard for Vendors
Vendor Management
Vendor Migrator
Withdraw System for Vendors
Individual Vendor Stores
Multiple Commission Types
Admin Reports
Vendor Statements
Vendor color scheme
Making Announcements
WPML Integration
Vendor Verification
Subscriptions for multi-vendor
Stripe for multi-vendor
Follow Store
Vendor Staff Manager
Export Import
Booking for multi-vendor
ShipStation for multi-vendor
Vendor vacation
Auctions for multi-vendor
Vendor review
  • Users & Social
Web Hosting
Landing Page
Custom Theme
Ticket Based
Ticket Based
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Frequently asked questions

Your website and all of the main features will be up and running within 24 hours. Customization time for user experience, landing page, and theme varies and is unique to each client’s needs.

You can request a 100% custom package to meet all your business’s exact needs.

No, Peerion and our partners will take care of everything for you. This is a turnkey solution and all you have to do is login and get to work.

Yes, you can upgrade at anytime. The remainder of your current package’s credit will go towards your new one.

Yes, we have in-house experts with whom you can schedule meetings with at anytime.

Peerion is a gamified collaboration platform that offers turnkey solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact Us