Frequently asked questions

Tree Tokens are used for all marketplace transactions and for all fees that occur on the platform, while Hyper Tokens are for games, dapps and other special features.

Badges are earned to exemplify an individual’s activity and achievements, which can be viewed by the entire community. With each new badge a generous new bonus is unlocked.

Support tiers are essentially bonus tiers which reward early supporters of Peerion. These tiers are based on 2 factors; amount of Tree Tokens in your Nimbus Wallet and staking time.

Staking Tree Token in your Nimbus Wallet will give you access to a wide range of benefits. From random Nimbus Airdrops to tiered supporter bonuses, the bigger of a supporter you are, the more rewards you will collect.

You can buy Tree Tokens here. They will automatically be stored in your Nimbus Wallet for Dynamic Staking.

Dynamic Staking allows you to add, transfer, tip, use or withdraw your tokens at anytime. There are no requirements or set time frames to keep your tokens in your Nimbus Wallet. When a bonus or airdrop is about to deploy, your wallet will be scanned to determine your current level or tier.