PNT xDAI Bridge

Updated on April 5, 2021

Welcome to the PNT<>xDai bridge guide!

To learn how to peg your PNT onto the xDai Chain, simply follow the instructions below.

1. Have a Metamask Wallet setup
2. Have PNT in your Metamask Wallet.
2. Have ETH for gas fees in your Metamask Wallet.

Step 1: Go to DApp #

Go to

Step 2: Connect ETH Wallet #

Connect your ETH wallet

Step 3: Select Metamask #

Select Metamask

Step 4: Allow Connection #

Allow the pTokens DApp to connect to your Metamask Wallet

Step 5: Issue PNT on xDai #

  1. On the ‘Issue PNT’ side, enter the amount of PNT you want to send to the xDai Chain and enter the address of your Metamask Wallet that holds the PNT (or you can send to any xDai address you want).

    It is important to note that the addresses you own and use on ETH mainnet, can also be used on xDai Chain.
  2. Hit the ‘Issue’ button.

Step 6: Give DApp Permission #

Enable the pTokens DApp to access your PNT that you want to peg by hitting ‘confirm‘.

Step 7: Process Started #

You will notice the process has started.

Step 8: Confirm Second Transaction #

Once you confirm the second transaction, the process will complete. You can check the transactions by clicking the links for both ETH and xDai.

Step 9: PNT to xDai Complete #

You can check your wallet address via and confirm that your PNT is there.