PNT Staking Guide

Updated on April 8, 2021

Welcome to the PNT Node pool Staking guide!

To learn how to stake in the pool, simply follow the instructions below.

1. Pegged your PNT onto the xDai Chain
2. Moved some DAI to xDAI
3. Changed Metamask to the xDai Network

Step 1: Go To The Pools #

Go to and scroll down to the ‘PNT Pool’ and hit ‘Join Pool’.

Step 2: Connect Wallet #

You will end up on the Pool Dashboard’s request tab. Click the ‘Connect account’ button on the top right of your screen to connect your Metmask wallet.

Step 3: Create New Request #

Hit ‘New Request‘ to create a new request to join the pool.

Step 4: Enter The Request #

This step is important. Make sure when you create a new buy-in request to enter a 1 to 1 token ratio, otherwise, your request will be denied and you will waste gas fees.

For example:

Requested Amount*
100 NPNT

Offered Amount*
100 PNT

And you can add a reference note as well (not required).

Step 5: Confirming The Request #

This is the first of two transaction. To initiate the request, hit the ‘Create transaction’ button.

Step 6: Enable Aragon Access #

For transaction 1, hit ‘Confirm‘ to give Aragon access to process the PNT in the request.

Step 7: Sending The Request #

Finally, for Transaction 2, hit ‘Confirm‘ and the request will be sent to the pool

Step 8: Completing The Request #

Now you will see your pending request. At this point, one of the existing pool members must submit your request to a pool-wide vote to accept your buy-in. To speed this process along, you can announce yourself on the Peerion Discord Server.

It is important to note, that you can withdraw your request and get your tokens back at any time by clicking the 3 dots next to ‘PENDING‘ and hit ‘Withdraw‘.

Step 9: Receiving Your nPNT #

The vote to accept your request lasts 4.5 days. Once the vote successfully passes, you will receive your nPNT stake and officially be a co-owner of a pNetwork Node.