Peerion DAO

Decentralized treasury management

The Peerion DAO governs ION Token issuance for current and future pools. When ION is staked in the Peerion DAO, it gives governance power and proportional treasury claim to the stakeholder. ION can be earned by staking in any of the Peerion Pools.

Power in numbers

Peerion DAO is designed for the people

Peerion enables all levels of investors to partake in on-chain activities that may be impossible to do alone. By pooling resources, individuals can come together to make power moves, like a whale in an ocean.

Achieve success

Peerion Pools hedge against volatility

Safeguard against market volatility with co-op PoS node pool investment options. Co-owning a PoS node (validator) enables long-term value accrual that is considerably less affected by market volatility, while also supporting your favorite networks in a more meaningful way.


Take control of your future, grow with us

Every new person to pool with us, makes Peerion DAO that much more capable of making an impact. Join a long-term strategy of contributing to the security and decentralization of Web 3.0, internet of blockchains. Diversify your portfolio and earn passive income that builds from compound interest over time.

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