• Why Peerion
  • The Game
  • Credibility and Ownership

Nonprofit organizers have struggled for years to receive the necessary support that is essential to effecting change on a larger scale; many willing volunteers feel disconnected and unsure of how they can offer that much-needed support. At the same time, there is also a large population of disengaged citizens who seek fulfillment and intrinsic reward.

A clear gap exists in the nonprofit sector and Peerion is looking to bridge that gap both locally and remotely, by not only better connecting volunteers and organizers, but by also empowering individuals to build their own projects and collaborate directly with their community.

We know how difficult it can be to connect with the right people and move from the idea phase to execution. This is why we provide a range of free and premium tools, services, and resources to streamline community collaboration and growth.

Peerion's design will assist the new wave of creative entrepreneurs and community activists with the production of meaningful projects to continue pushing the world forward.

We are still in the early stages of development and over the course of the next couple of years, we plan to incorporate many other features that further support, protect, and empower local community effort. Peerion's ultimate goal is to implement a blockchain solution that will completely decentralize the platform.

Peerion is 100% transparent and includes the community in all decision making, and by joining now on the ground floor, you are securing yourself a seat at the table. So come join us in deciding the overall direction and ultimately the path that will lead us all to a better future.

I hope to see you there,
Jeremy Klein

Peerion uses a unique game design to increase engagement and promote cooperation. By giving users a real-time interface on intrinsic rewards, paired with introspection tools to further motivate growth, we believe we can completely change the face of community interAction.

The story goes as follows:

Peerion is a newly discovered planet that was host to a seemingly extinct alien civilization. It is stable enough to host life but requires some serious terraforming. Each new Peerionaut that enters the planet is responsible for growing and maintaining one tree. Each tree is interconnected to all other trees by a virtual root system called The Mito Grid, which is powered by concentrated energy called Ions.

Your overall mission on Peerion is to collect as many Ions as possible to help sustain The Mito Grid. Think of Ions as Experience Points (XP). The more effort you put in on Peerion, the more XP you gain, which earns you higher ranks and status. Work through the levels and stages to gain more power from The Mito Grid, which in turn will grow your tree faster and give you more weight in becoming a leader on Peerion.

Stay active and promote your projects through your social networks to gain traction and collect more XP. The amount of XP you collect is determined by an algorithm that factors in all effort, interactions, and engagements on the platform. Use your XP to unlock powerful features and tools that will increase workflow efficiency and the overall success of your projects.

You must collaborate with the community to not only grow your Tree but help Peerion flourish as a whole.

Remember, we are only as strong as our weakest Tree.


Blockchains allow us to create records of information without having to trust a central, third-party to maintain those records.

Cryptocurrencies are made possible by blockchains, but we can also use blockchains to store more complex information, such as verified digital identities, assets, and business agreements.

Peerion is focused on building a fully decentralized and verified network of creative entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and business resources for communities to buy, sell, trade, manage and contract assets, goods, and services.