User Legitimacy

It is extremely difficult to know the legitimacy of a person you are interacting with online. There are platforms that exist which try to eliminate this problem. Except, they all come up short due to the ever growing gap between a persons true experience and what information a platform displays.


Bridging The Gap

Peerion is focused on bridging that gap with a universal social identity app powered by blockchain technology. The app is used to generate a unique blockchain identity (bID) and anonymously track user interactions for the purpose of distributing experience tokens, while keeping all user data completely private and secure.


Game Design

Peerion offers a goal oriented competitive progression system guaranteed to increase engagement, promote cooperation, and streamline overall growth.

Mission Model-04


Immutable Records

Blockchains allow us to create records of information without having to trust a central, third-party to maintain those records. Cryptocurrencies are made possible by blockchains, but we can also use blockchains to store more complex information, such as verified digital identities, assets, and business agreements.